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  • BBB A+ Rated
  • More than 15 years in business
  • More than $1 billion processed
  • Thousands of clients in high-risk industries of all kinds
  • “We’ve been working with PCS for several years now and are consistently impressed with their professionalism! They are extremely knowledgeable in dealing with the complex issues of the payments industry, especially international and ‘non-standard’ merchants. PCS knows the business inside and out, and I highly recommend them.”

    VP of Global Merchants Division
  • “I've been working with dozens of credit card processing companies. PCS has been the one partner who stayed with us the whole time, quickly making use of their personal connections and experience with underwriting to help keep us in business. If there is a way it can be done, PCS can do it, faster and better than anyone else!”

    Chris Bechard
    CEO of rampidgaming.com and outwar.com
  • “We have been in operation and cooperation with Performance Card Service since January 2010 and are impressed by their service. Even through times of obstacles in the 'processing world' the manager, Don, has made all efforts to come up with the best solution for us, and he always makes it! Highly recommended.”

    Tore Hoff
    CEO of Amore International Ltd
  • “My business was having a hard time finding a processor that would approve us due to the unique way our company was constructed. PCS took the time to understand our business and compiled a full analysis of our options. We have been processing for over 2 years now and still communicate with PCS often for any new opportunities that may arise.”

    CEO of Total Antennas
  • “Matt is genuinely one of the most professional and knowledgeable consultants in the payment processing industry. He makes every effort to build solid relationships with processors globally and domestically. When I work with Matt, I know that my merchant will be treated with respect, honesty, and a diligent work ethic.”

    Nancy Nielsen
    Managing Director of Innovative Thinking LLC
  • “I have been using PCS as my own personal FAQ page for years now. Even when I ask one of my 'dumb' questions, their staff has gives me the highest level of attention and consideration. When working with Performance Card Service, there are no dumb questions!”

    CEO of RT Innovations

WHY Your Company Needs a Top High-Risk
Merchant Account Provider

There is no single definition of a high-risk merchant, but if you fall in that category, you’re no doubt aware of it because your credit card processing has become a serious business issue. Standard credit card processing firms, if they will accept your credit card transactions at all, will charge a very high rate to process your transactions, probably along with other fees and strict policy restrictions for all of your high-risk merchant services.

Some firms, such as Performance Card Service (PCS), specialize in high-risk merchant accounts, but it’s important to note that not all service providers in this business are alike. It’s critical to select the right high-risk merchant account provider, because the overall success of your business may well depend on it. Consider the downsides of not setting up a solid high-risk merchant account:

  • If you are not able to accept credit cards and your competitors do, you will have a significant competitive disadvantage, both in B2B and B2C industries. While other forms of payment are viable in almost all industries — ACH check processing, wire transfer, EFT, cash, etc. — few options are as convenient and widely accepted as credit card.
  • The cost of credit card processing for high-risk merchant accounts is higher than standard processing, simply because the credit card processing firm is taking on higher than average risk. However, if your high-risk merchant account carries exorbitant fees and highly restrictive conditions, your ability to accept credit card transactions may be severely limited, and the ones you are able to accept will force you to accept razor-thin profit margins, sell at a loss, or charge higher than market prices. Whichever option you select, you will lose ground in revenue and earnings.

In order to expand sales aggressively, maximize profits, and gain or maintain a competitive advantage, merchants must work with a reputable, trustworthy, proven provider that understands high-risk merchant processing — PCS.

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Why You Should Partner With PCS

With more than 15 years of experience helping high-risk merchants efficiently process credit card transactions, we understand all aspects of the complex payment processing business. As noted above, we maintain an A+ BBB rating, serve thousands of satisfied clients, and have processed well over $1 billion in payments.

There’s a processer that really wants your business. Having strong long-term relationships with the best high-risk merchant processing companies in the world, we are experts at matching your specific needs with a company that is best positioned to provide you superior service. Whether your business operates domestically or off-shore, PCS high-risk merchant account providers offer:

  • Sophisticated fraud prevention
  • Aggressive risk management
  • Precise underwriting criteria
  • Among the best approval rates in the industry

Don’t take your processing overseas before exploring other options. If you’ve been challenged to find a U.S.-based payment processer for your high-risk merchant account, you may be considering moving to an off-shore firm. In some cases, this is indeed the best available option.

However, going off-shore is difficult to set up and will present you with a whole new set of challenges. Because PCS works with such a wide range of high-risk merchant account providers, we can find one within the U.S. that is ready, willing and able to handle your special requirements. Don’t go it alone — partner with PCS and keep your business stateside with a high-risk merchant account that keeps you competitive and growing.

Make PCS your one-stop payment shop. In addition to credit cards, our network of high-risk merchant account providers offers eCheck, ACH and other payment solutions.

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Our Merchant AccountServices

  • A wide network of proven high-risk merchant service providers with solid track records working with businesses of all kinds.
  • A vast database of up-to-date information on processing fees, regulations, equipment, software and associated credit card processing topics.
  • One-on-one consultations with a PCS payment processing expert to match your business with the best high-risk merchant account provider.
  • In-depth analysis of potential payment options — including credit cards, ACH checks, eWallets and many others.

High-Risk Payment Gateway

A secure high-risk payment gateway connects your website, your customer’s information, credit card issuer and the processing bank. We take the time to understand the specifics of your credit card processing needs to identify the payment gateway that best matches them.

Overseas Credit Card Processing

Looking to expand your business? PCS has many options to enable your high-risk merchant account to accept credit card payments from overseas. Don’t let your credit card processing status prevent you from building a profitable global business.

Consultation and Support

PCS is here to assist you after we set up your new high-risk merchant account. We can consult with you on ongoing credit card processing issues, and help you apply for new accounts, increase your processing volume and escalate an issue. No need for you to go it alone. We pride ourselves on finding the best fit for all of your high-risk merchant services.

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Defining High-Risk Industries and Companies

Certain industries are widely considered by the financial services industry to be vulnerable to credit card fraud. If you operate in one of the industries listed below, you may be deemed a risky enterprise even if your company has not experienced a significant amount of credit card fraud. PCS has experience helping businesses in all of these industries — and we can help you as well.

Learn more about the industries we serve.

Other Credit Card Assessment Factors

The industry you operate in is only one factor banks use when assessing risk. Other important ones include:

  • Poor credit history. Just like individuals, businesses need a strong credit history to qualify for loans and other financial services. Companies that have not established credit or have a below-average credit history will be challenged to find a credit card processor.
  • Poor credit card processing history. Companies with a high rate of chargebacks, fraud, canceled transactions and/or refunds will have great difficulty finding or retaining a credit card processor.
  • High-risk selling methods. The most secure way of executing a credit card transaction is face-to-face, such as in a retail store. Companies that execute transactions online, through the mail and over the phone are more susceptible to fraud. In addition, companies with a high volume of recurring billing have elevated exposure to abuse.
  • High-ticket items. Companies that sell high-ticket items on credit cards — furniture, appliances, hotel reservations, etc. — are often deemed to be poor bets for credit card processing.
  • Headquartered overseas. Companies located outside the U.S. are sometimes evaluated negatively, making it very difficult to find an adequate payment processing solution.

If any of these factors apply to your business, PCS can help you find a credit card processing solution that gives you the support to keep your business thriving. We’ve done this for companies over and over for more than 15 years.

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Become an Agent Partner

Agent partners of PCS enjoy many important benefits:

  • Earn lifetime residuals among the best in the industry.
  • Improve client retention with our huge portfolio of worldwide payment processors.
  • Choose your desired level of involvement with each merchant.
  • Work with a reliable, trustworthy company.
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