Kava Payment Processing

Payment Processing Solutions for Kava Retailers

Kava (also called kava kava) is a popular, all-natural herbal product used to reduce anxiety and relieve pain. It is usually sold as tea, a tincture or liquid, or in capsules. While kava is a legal product everywhere in the U.S., Visa and MasterCard consider it high risk, making obtaining a merchant account difficult for kava retailers.

Performance Card Service (PCS) specializes in high risk payment processing solutions and will help you handle transactions for kava products. At this time, our best option for kava retailers is eCheck. This form of payment is an electronic transfer of funds from the buyer’s bank account to the retailer’s bank account. It is a very secure form of payment, and can be initiated with virtual terminals, within a shopping cart application, or through email. Transactions are settled much more rapidly than with paper checks, and eChecks eliminate many of the hidden fees and costs associated with paper checks.

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Our payment processing options for kava change frequently, so please inquire! We’re eager to learn more about your business and help you implement payment processing solutions that best meet your business needs and budget.

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