High Risk Payment Processing

Performance Card Service (PCS) has more than 20 years of experience in high risk payment processing. We help e-commerce and retail companies secure all the payment options they need to attract all types of customers and build sales. Our high risk payment processing services include:

  • Credit Card Processing — No business can survive without solid credit card payment options. Our team of high risk processing payment processors works with you every step of the way, from merchant account application to set up and integration, giving you a secure, robust and affordable credit card payment system.
  • Merchant Accounts — For credit and debit card processing, financial institutions classify a business as high risk because of credit-related issues particular to the individual company, or simply because it is in, or associated with, a high risk vertical. With a thorough understanding of high risk merchant account options, our high risk payment processing company will help you secure a domestic or offshore merchant account that meets your requirements.
  • Payment Gateway — A payment gateway is a critical merchant service that works in the background to  transfer funds between buyer and seller, by encrypting and transferring payment information from your business to the payment processor, acquiring bank and card association. Having a payment gateway with the right features that match your business needs is essential — and we help your high risk business find it and implement it.
  • eCheck — eChecks, which are essentially digital versions of the traditional paper check, are a popular payment option and extremely useful when credit cards are not available or as a secondary option. eChecks have a number of advantages, including relatively low transaction fees and a high level of security. Adding eChecks to your arsenal of payment options helps your business reduce cost and attract security-minded customers.
  • ACH — ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments transfer funds from one bank to another through an automated clearing house, rather than through a credit card merchant account. eChecks, wire transfers and direct deposits are types of ACH payments. These options are especially valuable for high risk online payment processing, as they give customers familiar alternatives to credit card payment.

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