A high rate of chargebacks can put a business in a high risk category, making it extremely difficult to maintain or obtain a merchant account and accept credit card payments. If you have had excessive chargebacks — and domestic merchant accounts usually cap chargebacks at around 1% — Performance Card Service (PCS) will help you avoid chargebacks and maintain or regain the ability to process credit card transactions.

Why Reducing Chargebacks Is So Important

Chargebacks cause all sorts of problems for sellers. As the chargeback percentage moves up, the financial institution more closely scrutinizes every transaction and may require the merchant to use a scrubbing service and establish a reserve or security hold on funds. The financial institution may also delay funding, place the merchant in a medium or high risk category, or eventually close the merchant account. These actions disrupt order fulfillment, adversely affect cash flow, increase order processing costs, and ultimately limit or eliminate the ability to accept credit cards.

Chargebacks occur for many reasons:

  • Some chargeback cases involve outright fraud — PCS is expert in fraud prevention technology, best practices and processes. Our business partners provide best-of-class fraud prevention technologies and services.
  • Some chargeback cases are honest mistakes and errors — PCS analyzes these cases to uncover customer-facing and business-facing improvements to address the underlying cause.

Don’t Let Chargebacks Ruin Your Business

PCS, with more than two decades of experience providing payment processing solutions to high risk companies, has access to every resource necessary to help you manage chargebacks effectively.

  • We understand the complexities and subtleties of chargeback management — both from your perspective as a merchant, and also from the perspective of the financial institutions.
  • We review your chargeback history in great depth to recommend the best techniques and strategies to reduce
  • If you have lost revenue or moved into a high risk category, we help you take the right steps to recover and get back to more normal operating conditions.
  • If chargebacks have caused brand damage and lost customers, we advise you on important strategies and tactics to repair your reputation and business relationships.

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Don’t let chargebacks get in the way of your business growth. We are eager to learn more about your situation and help you develop a plan to reduce, recover and repair the damage and set your business back on track.

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