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Types Of Merchant Accounts We Offer:

Performance Card Service (PCS) provides high risk merchant services for payment processing in the U.S. and offshore. If you are looking for a high risk merchant account with more features and better terms, or are a new business without established credit, PCS will help you identify your best credit card payment options, prepare your application, make the right choice, and implement the system, as well as offer ongoing support to make sure your high risk merchant account services are meeting your expectations.

Businesses fall into the high risk category for any number of reasons. You need a high risk merchant service provider if any of these conditions apply to your business.

  • You operate in a high risk vertical. Financial institutions consider certain industries to be high risk by nature. These include regulated businesses (such as cannabis products and alcohol), industries where chargebacks are higher than average (such as adult products), and where cancellations are higher than average (such as in the travel industry, where weather and, more recently, COVID-related issues change travel plans). If your business operates in any of these verticals, or is closely associated with them, you need a high risk merchant account.
  • Your business history or current situation suggests high risk. If you’ve experienced bankruptcy, if you have had credit problems in the past or have been a victim of fraud, or if your business uses recurring billing or the subscription payment model, banks are likely to put your company in the high risk category. Also, if you have just opened a business and have no credit history, you may encounter challenges in securing a merchant account.

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If you need a merchant account for high risk business, you have come to the right place. For more than 20 years, PCS has helped high risk merchants through the process from start to finish. Our success and staying power in this challenging field are a result of our straightforward and transparent approach to business, our deep understanding of the complexities of high risk merchant accounts and our strong relationships with merchant account providers.

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