Performance Card Service (PCS) provides the technology, tools and services for retail and e-commerce businesses to process payments efficiently and securely.

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Our company works with merchants of all types and has specialized expertise in providing payment solutions to high risk businesses. With a wide range of best-of-class technology partners, we have payment processing capabilities that support any level of transaction volume, and companies serving local, regional, national and global markets.

The challenge for e-commerce businesses is to streamline the online payment process without sacrificing security. As you well know, online customers want the best of both worlds: lightning- fast checkout — but with the confidence their money and sensitive data will not be compromised. In addition, your e-commerce business relies on transaction data to efficiently forecast sales, manage inventory, and shape marketing strategy and tactics.

Sophisticated and scalable payment tools and solutions from PCS enable e-commerce businesses to accomplish all these objectives. Our PCI-compliant capabilities include encryption and other fraud-prevention tools; credit card, debit card and ACH payments; multi-currency payments; and online shopping cart platforms.

Efficient and secure payment processing is crucial to maintain customer loyalty. By offering a positive payment experience, customers save time, form a favorable impression of your brand and leave with the confidence that their transaction has been handled securely.

Recently, standard expectations for retail checkout have evolved significantly, as customers everywhere in the world recognize the need for no-touch payment and a checkout experience that maintains social distancing. Whether it’s a restaurant, store or service business, the same new rules apply.

To support this development, PCS provides the latest POS (Point of Sale) technology, tools and systems, which eliminate crowded checkout areas, as well as mobile payment options, which have become more important than ever as retailers seek to integrate curbside pick-up and delivery services with in-store operations.

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