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The timeshare business is booming. As online platforms have evolved, purchasing timeshares for vacations and long-term stays has become easier than ever. And, with a growing and increasingly diverse customer base, timeshare businesses need to offer credit card payment more than ever. Unfortunately, time share credit card processing is considered high risk, making setting up a merchant account difficult.

Performance Card Service (PCS) specializes in high risk payment processing and will help your timeshare business — or timeshare exit business — find a time share merchant account as well as other payment options to keep revenues growing. With more than 20 years of experience, we have developed very strong relationships with multiple financial institutions that appreciate the value of timeshare exit and timeshare merchant accounts, and actively welcome this type of business.

Why Is Time Share Credit Card Processing High Risk?

The biggest reason merchant account providers deem a company or industry high risk is excessive chargebacks. When a merchant’s chargebacks exceed 2%, account providers can incur substantial losses, as they are responsible for covering the cost of disputed/unpaid charges. When chargebacks exceed 2%, the account provider usually imposes restrictions on the merchant’s ability to accept credit card payment, or worse, terminates the merchant account altogether. Once an account is terminated, finding another institution willing to offer credit card processing services becomes extremely difficult, leaving the merchant unable or barely able to conduct business.

The timeshare industry as a whole incurs a high chargeback rate for many reasons: Customers change their minds, are forced to cancel their trips, or, because many timeshares are long-term arrangements, their personal or financial situations change, making the timeshare undesirable. All of these situations can cause the customer to initiate a chargeback.

In addition to high chargeback rates, timeshares increase the account provider’s chargeback exposure, since the dollar amounts of timeshare transactions are quite high — with lots of dollars involved, losses mount quickly.

Timeshare and Timeshare Exit Processing Solutions from PCS

Credit Card. PCS will guide you through the merchant account application process, helping you gather the necessary information. Once you’ve received offers, we will help you compare features and fees and zero-in on the best option for your business. From there, we help you set up your new merchant account and continue to work with you as needed for troubleshooting and any other processing-related issues that arise.

eCheck. In addition to merchant accounts, our timeshare clients also find our eCheck services extremely useful. Electronic checks are an excellent alternative or supplement to credit cards, since eChecks offer a high level of security and fast transaction settlement.

Consulting. Our high risk processing experts will also help you find ways to reduce chargebacks and mitigate fraud risk. For instance, timeshare businesses should always state cancellation policies clearly in several areas of their websites, to help prevent customers from generating a chargeback. Online chat is another way to guide customers to a better path if they are thinking about an exit.

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