E-commerce Processing Solutions

E-commerce offers shoppers an unprecedented level of convenience, but the buying experience needs to offer even more. Performance Card Service (PCS) enables online merchants to give their customers everything they need to make a purchase — and be eager to come back for more. These are the key reasons e-commerce companies turn to PCS for payment processing solutions.

  • Multiple payment options. Whether you’re doing business around town or around the world, your customers have a multitude of payment preferences. Our platforms accept multiple currencies and a wide range of payment options for U.S., EU and global markets, including eCheck and ACH.
  • Fraud prevention. Reliable fraud mitigation tools are essential for all parties in an online transaction. Unless your customers are confident that their data is secure, they are unlikely to order. And from your point of view, data breaches have a devastating impact on profits, brand image and the ability to accept credit card payments. PCS partners have fraud prevention systems utilizing the best technologies and proven implementation techniques to keep sensitive data locked down.
  • Diverse integration options. Whether you need a payment processing system to integrate with PayPal, Stripe Square, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and/or other internal business software, PCS will customize a payment solution that flows seamlessly and provides accurate and comprehensive data and analysis.
  • High risk options. PCS specializes in payment solutions for high risk merchants. If you want to expand your processing capabilities and reduce processing costs, we will help you identify and secure the best possible merchant account options. Don’t let problems in the past get in the way of your success in the future.

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