High Risk Payment Gateway

A high risk merchant account payment gateway from Performance Card Service (PCS) gives companies complete flexibility in accepting payments via e-commerce, retail, mobile devices and even unattended devices, all on a single platform. The robust capabilities and versatility of our high risk payment gateway gives our customers numerous advantages, including:

  • Reduced Cost. The ability to manage multiple payment options in multiple physical and virtual locations without several processing platforms reduces fees and operating costs, often significantly.
  • Scalability. As your business grows, part of the expansion may well include additional physical locations, implementation of more sophisticated POS technology, additional e-commerce websites and other capabilities that can be supported by your single high risk merchant payment gateway.
  • Seamless Integration. The high risk payment gateway is easily connected to a wide array of devices, third-party systems, APIs (Application Programming Interface) and SDKs (Software Development Kit). This helps to prevent your gateway solution from opening up a new set of problems.
  • Multiple Currencies and Payment Options. Do you do business internationally? Do you want to give customers every possible option to pay? Our payment gateway for high risk business accepts payments in USD (U.S. dollars), CAD (Canadian dollars) and a wide range of international currencies. The gateway also handles Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau).
  • Streamlined, Robust Management. High risk payment processing need not limit your ability to compete or manage your business. Our gateway provides detailed and granular reporting, third-party integration, batch processing, inventory organization within a single database, and fully customizable integration and control within your mobile applications and software systems.

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PCS is a high risk payment gateway provider with more than 20 years of experience helping high risk businesses propel their companies forward with robust, secure and affordable payment processing solutions. Don’t allow your business to trail the competition — Instead, leverage our expertise to get a competitive edge.

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