Performance Card Service is a leading offshore merchant account provider for those who have difficulty qualifying for domestic credit card processing. Businesses in this category often rely on eChecks, ACH or wire transfers to accept payments. Yet these solutions can be time-consuming and expensive — especially when dealing with large transactional volumes.

However, many international banks allow merchants to process credit cards without being incorporated locally. Applying for these merchant accounts usually involves providing the standard Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. Though once approved, there are no limits on capacity or volume — and this allows you to continue expanding your business.

Done correctly, a merchant account can be a lifeline if your current business requires secure, fast and convenient credit card processing. However, before exploring this option, it’s important you understand how offshore payment processing differs from most domestic solutions.

The Limitations of Offshore Merchant Accounts

Below are some of the key challenges you might face when using an offshore payment processor:

Once aware of these limitations, it’s possible to manage them successfully.

That’s where we come in.

Choosing the Right Offshore Payment Processor

Since 2001, Performance Card Service has helped countless merchants around the globe build thriving businesses with a range of cutting-edge payment solutions. With one of the highest approval rates in the industry, we can help you qualify for a merchant account — even if you’ve been turned down by other domestic or international banks in the past.

If you choose to work with us, our team of experts will meet with you to select a payment processing solution that addresses your specific needs.

This consultation begins with an in-depth analysis of your current payment challenges — followed by a detailed examination of the various risks you face. Thereafter, we custom-design a merchant account solution to help reduce your risk exposure and mitigate the limitations outlined above. This allows you to begin securely accepting credit card payments as you continue to grow your business.

To learn more about Performance Card Service’s offshore credit card processing solutions, schedule a free consultation with our merchant services team today.

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