For many American consumers, credit cards represent one of the fastest and most convenient forms of payment. To initiate a transaction, all one has to do is input payment details or swipe a piece of plastic — and the sale executes.

Even if you are approved for credit card processing, you may have to pay exorbitant merchant fees to keep your account active. These extra costs can quickly eat into your bottom line.

Are You Considered a High-Risk Merchant?

Every payment processor uses slightly different risk assessment rules. If you fall into any of the following buckets, there’s a good chance you’ll face resistance when trying to apply for a card-enabled merchant account.

  1. You work in an industry with elevated risk
    This broad category includes businesses that sell adult content, nutraceuticals, e-cigarettes or heavily regulated merchandise.
  2. You have poor credit history
    This group includes businesses that have a history of delinquency, bankruptcy or non-payment.
  3. You’re a victim of fraud
    No merchant is completely immune to fraud, but if your business experiences a lot of chargebacks, refunds, cancellations and credit card abuse, maintaining a merchant account may be difficult.
  4. You process CNP transactions
    Card-not-present (CNP) transactions made via phone or mail order are especially vulnerable to fraud since merchants have no way of verifying the identity of their customers. Even e-merchants sometimes fall into this high-risk category since they sell primarily to anonymous online shoppers.

If no stateside payment processors will provide you with credit card capabilities, what are your options? That’s where we come to the rescue.

You May Still Qualify for a Domestic High-Risk Merchant Account

At Performance Card Service, we specialize in the unique payment needs of high-risk merchants that aren’t normally eligible for traditional credit card processing. Working closely with your business, our team will perform a thorough analysis of your risk exposure before recommending a domestic processor that can provide you with the payment tools you need to grow your business.

With our help, you’ll be able to process all major credit and debit cards using your domestic high-risk merchant account.

Note that this payment processing isn’t limited to plastic. If you already accept e-checks, ACH or wire transfers, for example, you’ll be able to continue managing these payment options — all under one roof.

However, we take high-risk payment processing even further.

How Performance Card Service Protects Your Business

In addition to helping you qualify for a domestic high-risk merchant account, we also provide you with:

This extra protection is critical since, as a high-risk merchant, you are an easier target for credit card fraud. In fact, this is precisely why payment providers are so reluctant to work with businesses in this category.

We can help keep your payment environment safe from abuse with our risk management and fraud prevention services.

To learn more about our credit card payment solutions for high-risk merchants, schedule a free consultation today.

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