At Performance Card Service, we specialize in fast, secure and affordable payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants across a broad range of industries.

For nearly two decades, our experienced financial experts have worked closely with businesses in elevated risk categories to custom design payment solutions that address their specific growth needs.

Below are some of the high-risk payment processing services we offer to our clients.

Offshore Credit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts

Many businesses don’t qualify for domestic credit card processing because their industries, credit histories or payment methods are deemed “high-risk.”” But an offshore merchant account allows you to accept credit card payments while keeping your operations stateside.

Learn more about our offshore merchant account solutions.

Domestic High-Risk

U.S. payment processors routinely turn away businesses with questionable credit or those operating in industries with elevated risk. Companies in this category must rely on less convenient payment options such as wire transfers, but with a high-risk merchant account, you can begin processing domestic credit cards — in addition to eCheck and ACH payments.

Learn more about our domestic merchant account solutions.

eCheck Processing

With eCheck processing, all payments are electronically withdrawn from your customers’ banking accounts and directly deposited into your own. It’s very similar to traditional paper check processing, but transactions can be initiated instantly via virtual terminals, online shopping carts and email. In addition, eCheck settlements are much faster than paper check processing, allowing you to avoid many of the hidden costs associated with sending and receiving physical checks.

Learn more about our our affordable eCheck processing solutions.

ACH Processing

When done correctly, electronic payments sent across the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network can be significantly cheaper than both credit card processing and checks. Settlement times are also extremely fast, allowing you to improve cash flow within your business. ACH processing requires both parties to establish a direct connection between their partnering banks, so these electronic payments are less susceptible to fraud, chargebacks and disputes.

Learn more about our high-risk ACH processing solutions.

Have Questions About High-Risk Payment Processing?

Want to learn more about our payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants? Our FAQ section explores these services in greater detail. You can also schedule a free consultation with our payment team directly.

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