Throughout history, few inventions have changed the world as immensely as the Internet. Use of the Internet to most has become a daily necessity in not only their professional lives but their personal lives, as well. Could you envision your life without the Internet? On a smaller scale, could you envision websites without illustrations, graphics, music, etc.? Luckily, because of web hosting services and web design, these scenarios are all in the past. Web hosting services help companies and/or individuals publish their websites on the Internet so they can be viewed and used by others. They do this by providing space on their server for their clients. Web designers specialize in many skills sets including standardized coding, graphic design, page layout and search engine optimization to create, update and maintain websites. Both industries provide vital services for organizations and individuals to have an online presence and to help aid them in their continuing growth.

With a consistent growing industry comes greater opportunities and, unfortunately, greater risks. The greater the risk a company holds, the greater probability that its business type will be classified as high risk, and in turn may struggle with obtaining web hosting and/or web design credit card processing. One of the reasons that web design and web hosting are classified into the high-risk category is due to a strong possibility for client disputes. The customer may dispute the service at any time — whether in the beginning stages of creation or even months after the final product is completed. If a customer feels that the design/service has not lived up to his or her expectation and cannot be rectified to his or her satisfaction, it may result in a chargeback against the merchant. A high number of chargebacks can cause merchants’ accounts to be closed or have them placed on the terminated merchant list, which could prevent them from being able to obtain other merchant accounts in the future.

Another reason for these industries getting classified into high risk is due to their payment/billing model. Many design and hosting services require the customer to pay in advance or have their customer enroll in a monthly/yearly service plan. A lot of these contracts create uneasiness with most low-risk processors and, in many cases, are not supported. Sometimes, these recurring plans get categorized into a subscription model, which is not supported by most low-risk processors. Once again, this causes many merchants to struggle with obtaining web hosting and web design credit card processing for their businesses.

One step in helping reduce potential chargebacks is providing excellent customer service. It is vital to not only provide top-notch service during every step of the design phase, but for the merchant to continue to offer after-sales service to help minimize any possible problems. Also, by the merchant offering a clear refund and cancellation policy that the customer can easily understand and use, this can aid in the reduction of chargebacks.

At Performance Card Service, we have numerous partner processors that support web design and web hosting as well as their billing models. We specialize in finding the best fit for web hosting and web design credit card processing for your business. We pride ourselves in our amazing customer service that helps ensure the process of obtaining and maintaining a merchant account is as seamless as possible. Please contact us today so we can begin helping your company process and grow.



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