How long before I can accept credit cards for my business?

Generally speaking, once we receive a complete documentation package from your business, we work to obtain pre-approvals and merchant account options for your consideration within 5 business days. This time period may be shorter or longer based on underwriting and bank requirements, which vary based on merchant history and industry sector. Much of the timeline depends on you, the merchant, in getting back to us with answers to questions and sending in supporting documents. Merchants who are on the ball during this process get set up and processing the fastest!

We have seen accounts take as long as 6 months to go live, and this is almost always because the merchant is having trouble gathering the proper documentation to move forward. So, getting everything ready before applying is always imperative to ensure the process doesn’t get drawn out when you are trying to launch the business.

Among the items you need for your merchant account application are an EIN, a business bank account, financial statements, processing statements if you already have a merchant account, a business license (if applicable) and miscellaneous documentation required by the particular bank(s) doing the underwriting. As mentioned, if your business (or you personally) has a poor credit history or you operate in a high risk industry, you can expect more documentation to be required covering a longer period of time.

We will assist you in getting documentation together for the application. Let us know if you need help!

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