How do I apply for a merchant account?

Please visit our Get Started page and enter your contact details. One of our experts will contact you right away to discuss the various processing options for your business.

The process usually works like this:

  1. We work closely with you to gather basic data on your business. This could include company and signer jurisdiction, your website, your recent processing history, the reason you are seeking a merchant account and your target market.
  2. We discuss with you the various processing options that may be available based on the information we have collected. These could include the types of processing solutions (credit card, eCheck, ACH, etc.). We also go over the challenges other merchants with similar profiles have experienced in obtaining payment processing and how we can overcome these.
  3. We obtain a pre-approval offer from one or more of our processing partners based on your profile and present it to you for review. Oftentimes we present pricing and terms on the very SAME DAY that we collect your information. In some cases, like those of higher-risk merchant profiles, 2-5 business days may be necessary to present an offer. We review the pricing and terms of the merchant provider’s offer(s) with you to ensure full understanding of the pros and cons of each solution.
  4. If our offer(s) is satisfactory to move forward, we begin the process of formal underwriting. This usually involves completing a short application and submitting supporting documents. Supporting documents may include ID, bank statement, corporation documents and recent processing history.
  5. Once everything has been collected, we submit the documents to underwriting for feedback. We usually hear from underwriting in 2-5 business days if any other documents are required for final approval.
  6. Once underwriting is complete, the live account details are issued. We work closely with you to ensure proper implementation of the Merchant ID (MID). For e-commerce merchants, we are an NMI Gateway partner so we will set up a gateway account on your behalf to plug in your MID and get you processing. We can also issue MID details directly to you in case you use a different gateway, such as For Point of Sale merchants that do not already have equipment, we discuss terminal or POS system options.
  7. We confirm you have a direct line to the account manager with whom you signed your merchant agreement. However, PCS is always available as a secondary arm of support should you need to escalate an issue, discuss a pricing discount or set up another merchant account.
  8. We check in with you after a few months to ensure everything is running smoothly with your new merchant account. If there are issues, we assist in sorting them out. We utilize our status and large portfolios with our processing partners to ensure all our merchants are receiving the highest quality support and service.

Let us assist you with a payment processing solution. Get Started today to see what PCS can do for you!

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