Can my e-commerce site accept eCheck payments?

Yes! eCheck processing on your website works just like a credit card where the customer loads the item into his/her shopping cart and then goes to checkout to pay. Instead of entering a credit card number, expiration date and CVV, the customer just enters his/her checking account number and routing number into the secure system. With our primary eCheck solution, the check is remotely created, processed and shipped to your bank via FedEx for deposit. You are then paid for the transaction in under 48 hours. Unfortunately, similar to credit cards, potential scammers are always an issue, but the system utilizes great check verification tools to help reduce fraud and make sure each check is good.

Integration on your end is relatively easy using plugins for several shopping carts, including Woo Commerce, 3dcart, Magento, Shopify and Big Commerce. Several other ways to take check payments are also offered if you do not want to integrate the traditional ways. These include sending an email invoice that a customer clicks through to pay on the secure server, adding HTML payment buttons to the site, and using a virtual terminal to manually enter check details when processing phone orders or other types of orders such as via fax.

We have multiple eCheck options that include methods to print your check at home and deposit with your mobile device or drive to the bank and deposit at a branch. We even have a more digital-based eCheck process that creates your checks and a representative goes to your bank’s headquarters and makes the deposits for you. Some merchants like these methods since they don’t have to worry about a FedEx check template shipping to their branch as described in the earlier example. The takeaway here is that eChecks are a much more flexible payment option than many businesses realize. They help you not only expand your ability to attract customers who are reluctant or unable to use credit cards for online purchases, but they also help you streamline your operations!

eChecks are a great payment option for any e-commerce business doing business in the U.S. Besides the data security eChecks offer, the fees are quite a bit lower than those that apply to credit card transactions. The lower fees make eChecks an appealing alternative for merchants, especially for large transactions. eChecks are also an excellent fit for any online business that uses the subscription model or any other type of recurring payment. Once an eCheck recurring payment plan is put in place, there is no credit card to expire and disrupt the transaction flow. Because of fraud and other security issues, credit cards are always reissued after 5 years. This means that any business with recurring payments has a built-in disruption to deal with every 5 years. Credit cards still have tremendous value as a payment option, but having an appealing alternative such as eChecks is also good to reduce the disruption and offer an option that most customers perceive as safe and reliable.

If you’re interested in learning more about how eChecks will benefit your online business or want to get started, contact us now!

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