Our company partners include several key players — a principal with more than 20 years in the merchant service industry, owning an agent office with the world’s largest transaction processor; two certified public accountants; and two sales/operations superstars who have been with the company since 2005.

With this team of industry veterans in payment processing domestically and offshore, PCS strives to provide fast and effective information for all our business partners and clients. Our mission is to advise on the creation of profitable, long-term relationships for each merchant and acquiring institution. We always have been big believers of “get it done right — the FIRST time!” We make every effort to be sure that is the case for each company with which we work.

Today, PCS proudly displays a variety of payment processing companies that have risen above the rest with cutting-edge fraud prevention technologies, aggressive risk management departments and efficient/precise underwriting criteria. The merchant companies we refer continually receive the highest accolades in their respective industries year after year. These merchant account providers maintain some of the highest approval rates in the high-risk industry by having unique, high-quality customer transactions and redundant payment acquirers.

PCS provides analysis on a variety of payment solutions with special emphasis on fraud prevention techniques and underwriting/risk management policies for medium- to high-risk industries. We maintain current data on fees, requirements, technical features, forms, equipment/software, currencies and more — for all payment solutions that meet our minimum certification criteria.

Beyond the basic fact sheets and pricing data, we communicate honestly and openly with all solution providers and build real relationships with the actual people on whom your company’s cash flow depends.

We maintain fair and balanced data on each provider, and we continue to communicate with merchants after the application process, gathering feedback and providing second-level support whenever needed. Our most valuable information comes directly from merchants who already are processing on solutions your company might one day be using.

Before the launch of our new website in winter 2012, PCS did not pursue clients through direct marketing initiatives. All clients had been “word of mouth” referrals that have been hand-picked through our diligence process, or referrals from one of our sales agents in the field. Now, we are very excited to launch the new face of Performance Card Service and look forward to showcasing what PCS can do for you!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this dynamic and fast-paced industry in which we strive to be the best.

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